Robot videos

Robotics related videos of my work.

Android Andrea lip-sync animation demo

Android Andrea

My PhD student Marcel Heisler implemented an automatic generation of lip-sync animation based on an audio file with spoken text.

HumanoidLab videos

Humanoid Lab at Stuttgart Media University (HdM)

Bachelor student project "Mimicry with android head", 01/2023


Public presentation of Andrea on 7th of December, 2022

Time-lapse video of the android arrival on October 5, 2022

German interview with me on October 5, 2022

MARCO videos

"MARCO @ UFreiburg":

In 2014 we started to build "MARCO", the Multimodal Autonomous RoboChess Opponent":

We demonstrated MARCO at ICMI2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, and won the Outstanding Demo Award. (Watch this video on youtube, if you like.)

In that configuration we realized:

  • a few display movements
  • emotional facial expressions driven by WASABI based on the evaluation of the board
  • detection of and recovering from "invalid moves" by the human player (at least to some extend)

Next steps / improvements:

  • change the display for a bigger one
  • implement many more agent  behaviors based on a newly invented animation framework
  • finish integration of NOVA framework
  • possibly integrate the IntraFace tracking software
  • devise and conduct empirical studies

It can also be controlled from a remote place using the server and any client. Thus, someone can play against me using the robot arm to move his or her pieces.

Daryl videos

 "DARYL @ Freiburg City":

"Tele-operation in the wild": In Summer 2013 Severin Gustorff and I brought the mildly-humanized robot DARYL to Freiburg City.

Geminoid videos

 "Post Human TNA version" (by Robert Iolini for ABC Radio Australia, 2011):

Audio Art. Cyborgs, Androids and Humans. Late night dream time radio, featuring Hiroshi Ishiguro - Geminoid, Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto, William Gibson - Neuromancer, Commissioned by The Night Air for Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Some Geminoid-related videos: