Christian Becker-Asano

[B]elievable [A]ndroids

Research interests

I) Affective Computing & Virtual Humans:

Simulation and recognition of affect based on multidisciplinary research to increase the believability of agents in social interaction and to support theory construction.

  • C. Becker-Asano, 2008, "WASABI: Affect Simulation for Agents with Believable Interactivity", PhD thesis, Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld (IOS Press (DISKI 319)) [pdf]
  • C. Becker-Asano & I. Wachsmuth (2010), "Affective computing with primary and secondary emotions in a virtual human", Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 20(1), pp. 32-49 [DOI]
  • C. Becker-Asano & I. Wachsmuth (2010), "WASABI as a case study of how misattribution of emotion can be modelled computationally", Blueprint for Affective Computing: A Sourcebook, Oxford University Press, pp. 179-193 [pdf]

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II) Social Robotics & Android Science:

Increasing the effectiveness of humanoid robots in real world applications by combining psychological and neurobiological findings in implementations of humanoid and android robots.

  • C. Becker-Asano & H. Ishiguro (2011), "Intercultural differences in decoding facial expressions of the android robot Geminoid F", Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research, Vol. 1 (3) , pp. 215-231 [pdf]
  • C. Becker-Asano, T. Kanda, C. Ishi & H. Ishiguro (2011), "Studying laughter in combination with two humanoid robots", AI&Society, Vol. 26 (3) , pp. 291-300 [DOI]
  • C. Becker-Asano & H. Ishiguro (2009), "Laughter in Social Robotics – no laughing matter", 8th international workshop on Social Intelligence Design, Kyoto [pdf]
  • C. Becker-Asano, T. Kanda, C. Ishi & H. Ishiguro (2009), "How about laughter? Perceived naturalness of two laughing humanoid robots ", Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction, Amsterdam, pp. 49-54 [pdf]
  • C. Becker-Asano, S. Nishio, K. Ogawa & H. Ishiguro (2010), "Exploring the Uncanny Valley with Geminoid HI-1 in a real-world application", IADIS Intl. Conf. on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Freiburg, pp. 121-128 [pdf]

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